Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

Persistent Young Offenders
Patrice Cooke
This book will revolutionalise how we think about the diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Rather than categorising offenders according to their offenses, the primary focus needs to be shifted to identifying the underlying psychological processes out of which the offending behaviour flows.
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The Unfortunate Death of James Douglas O’Flaherty
Miles Hunt
James Douglas OFlaherty (Jimmy) walks outside his house one evening on his way to dinner and is killed when a tree branch falls on his head.
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Of Home Politics & World Trade
Bill Barry
The son of William Peter (Bill) Barry, the leader of the Democratic Labor Party in the Victorian Legislative Assembly after the Australian Labor Party broke in two in 1955, Bill Barry was at the very heart of the great ideological divide in Australian politics.
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Agents of Empire: How E.L. Mitchell’s photographs shaped Australia
Joanna Sassoon
For nearly 100 years, E.L. Mitchells emblematic photographs have shaped ideas about Australia. But who was Mitchell and why did he succeed above his competitors?
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Encounters With Asian Decolonisation
David Fettling
Shortly after the Second World War, five Australians, all government officials, experienced first-hand the revolt of Asia. The European colonial system disintegrated and powerful new states rose in its place an independent India, an Indonesian Republic, a fractious Malaya, a Communist China.
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Keep the Presses Running: The Australian Printing Industry in the Twentieth Century
Benjamin Thorn
The book describes the Australian printing industry in the twentieth century largely in the words of people who worked in it.
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Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War
Jacqueline Dwyer
From the late 19th century to the 1950s, many wool buyers from the Flanders region of France and Belgium emigrated to Australia with their families to establish careers as buyers for the woollen mills of Europe. Although originally they had no intention of remaining here permanently, many stayed, establishing a prosperous and vibrant French community.
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Behind the Legend: The Many Worlds of Charles Todd
Denis Cryle
Telegraph Todd became a legend in his own lifetime for introducing Australian colonists to a new information age. But only recently has the full extent of his many and varied achievements come to light.
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