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A Life in Music: Ruth Nye and Arrau Heritage
Roma Randles
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Ernest Wood and the Foundation of The Musical Tradition at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne
Ian Burk
The religious, musical and cultural motives and reasons for establishing and preserving a choir and exclusive choir school at St Pauls Cathedral in pre-Federation Melbourne
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Famous People Who Have Met Me and Other Stories: The Photography of Greg Noakes
Greg Noakes
The best photographs from award-winning Australian photographer Greg Noakes's archives, from the hedonistic highs of a rampant Cold Chisel to the devastation of Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires
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Marshall-Hall's Melbourne: Music, Art and Controversy, 1891–1915
Therese Radic, Suzanne Robinson
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More than a Musician: A Life of E. Harold Davies
Doreen Bridges
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Richard Wagner As Poet and Thinker: Ten Lectures by JG Robertson
Bruce Steele
Richard Wagner as poet? Yes! This hitherto unpublished study invites the reader to see Wagner's texts not just as opera librettos but as dramatic poems in their own right
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The Pocket Paderewski: The Beguiling Life of the Australian Concert Pianist Edward Cahill
Michael Moran
Concert pianist Edward Cahill went from silent cinema pianist born in the Australian Bush to celebrity virtuoso entertaining Royalty in Mayfair. This is his story.
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The Wild Colonial Boys: Jack Doolan and His Song
Allen Mawer
Jack Doolan, the bushranger, had a personal history with remarkable parallels with the Wild Colonial Boy song. If he was the inspiration, it undermines the argument for the song's Irish rather than Australian origin
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