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After Defensive War
Kenneth Rivett
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Anzac Legacies — Australians and the Aftermath of War
Martin Crotty, Marina Larsson
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Anzac: The Landing, The Legend, The Law
Catherine Bond
An interrogation of the legal history of one of Australia and New Zealands most revered words - 'Anzac' - and the restrictions on the acronym that still exist today.
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Celluloid Anzacs —The Great War Anzac Debate through Australian Cinema
Daniel Reynaud
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Deutschland über Allah! Germany, Gallipoli and The Great War
John F. Williams
John Williams examination of the German perspective of Gallipoli brings into relief the place of the campaign in the First World War as a whole. Through German eyes, what finally tipped the balance of the campaign was the brilliance and audacity of a lone-wolf U-boat commander.
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Fighting Monsters: An Intimate History of the Sandakan Tragedy
Richard Wallace Braithwaite
Only six escapees survived the Sandakan death marches of 1945 in North Borneo, the worst atrocity ever inflicted on Australian soldiers. One of the survivors, Richard Wallace Braithwaites father, died in 1986, still wanting the story to be properly told
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Four Weeks One Summer: When It All Went Wrong
Nicholas Whitlam
In the summer of 1936, over just four weeks, it all went wrong. The Spanish Civil War was on. Edward VIII took a scandalous holiday cruise with Mrs Simpson, Berlin staged the greatest sporting event of modern times, the alternative Peoples Olympiad never came to be, and Barcelona was transformed into a unique workers paradise. All this in four weeks.
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Guy Gaunt: The Boy From Ballarat Who Talked America Into the Great War
Anthony Delano
Guy Gaunt built a career by playing outside the rules. He dodged his way up the ranks of the Royal Navy, married for money, snatched up a country estate, won a seat in Parliament and faked his disappearance to run off with the wife of the Kings doctor. His infiltration of Americas leadership changed the course of history
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Hard to go Bung: World War 2 Soldier Settlement in Victoria 1945–1962
Rosalind Smallwood
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Homefront Hostilities: The First World War and Domestic Violence
Elizabeth Nelson
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Kismet: The Story of Gallipoli POWs
Jennifer Lawless
67 Australian POWs from Gallipoli tell of life in the camps and challenge the myth that the lot of the prisoner was one of constant suffering and hardship.
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Legacies of War
Nigel Starck
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Legends of War: The AIF in France, 1918
Pat Beale
1918 was a year of triumph for the Australian Corps in France yet today this is seldom recognised by most Australians. Our perceptions have been clouded by legends, built up over the past century, that have trivialised their achievement.
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Lost Copy: The Endless Wars: Iraq and Afghanistan
John Martinkus
The memoir of celebrated Australian war correspondent John Martinkus, who covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Aceh, Sri Lanka and Burma
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Our Schools and the War
Rosalie Triolo
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Raids on Australia: 1942 and Japan’s Plans for Australia
Pam Oliver
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Robbie to Dorie: Lt Col John Robertson's letters from Malaya 1941–42
Andrew Warland
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Rooms in the City
Nicholas Hasluck
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The Beerburrum Experiment: A History of Australia's First World War One Soldier Settlement
Murray Johnson
When Queensland opened up a large area of land at Beerburrum, just north of Brisbane, to settle military veterans in July 1916, it was an experiment in rural development to have unfortunate results
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The Chalkies: Educating an Army for Independence
Darryl Dymock
Between 1966 and 1973, while Australian troops were fighting in Vietnam, some 300 conscripted teachers were quietly posted to Papua New Guinea. Colloquially known as Chalkies, their task was to raise the educational level of troops
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The Information Battlefield: Representing Australians at War
Kevin Foster
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The Soul of ANZAC
John Dermot Millar
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The Sweetland Project: Remembering Gallipoli in the Shire of Nunawading
Steven Cooke
The story of the men from the Shire of Nunawading who died during the Gallipoli campaign, and the reaction to the Great War of the local community that still resonates today
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There and Back with a Dinkum
Paul Skrebels, Claire Woods, W.R.G. Colman
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Unknown Warrior: The Search for Australia's Greatest Ace
Mike Rosel
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Woman War Doctor: The Life of Mary De Garis
Ruth Lee
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