Imprint: Bureau of Meteorology

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780642706010
Released: September 2009

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Climate of Australia – The Authoritative Climate Reference

Edited by Bureau of Meteorology Staff

This practical guide from the Bureau of Meteorology draws together our knowledge about Australia's climate, past and present. It examines typical and extreme weather patterns, long-term variability and the effects of climate change.

Fully illustrated throughout, the Climate of Australia contains detailed maps and tables that chart rainfall, temperature, humidity and sunshine. Colour photographs show the variety of landscapes shaped by Australia's climate. Specific case studies of extreme weather events such as cyclones and droughts incorporate satellite and radar imagery.

An accompanying CD-ROM contains a full set of monthly climate maps, together with statistical tables from a selection of the Bureau's observation sites.

Paperback available for a short time only.


Categories: Environmental Studies

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