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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588576
Released: September 2017

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History & the Poet

By Robert Wood

History & the Poet is a series of essays on contemporary Australian poetry. In language clear and precise, Robert Wood poses philosophical and ideological questions that matter for poetry now. History & the Poet offers an entry point to a rich and complex world, and is a compelling vision of what poetry can become. It includes discussion of Wood’s own experiences and identity as part of a broader conversation about who we are and why poetry matters.

This is a welcome and fearless set of writings by Robert Wood: he’s unafraid to talk about poetry and its centrality to his life and the many, varied communities within which he moves. These short essays are lively, vivid impressions of how poetry provides a way of understanding the world, politics and history. Sometimes aphoristic, sometimes humorous, they remind us of our expanding linguistic universe, and especially the rich language communities of Australia, including the Indigenous ones. These writings are part of a brilliant, younger generation’s new uptake of poetry and poetics – a lot of readers will wish to live in their world.

- Professor Philip Mead, author of Networked Language, Chair of Australian Literature, University of Western Australia

Robert Wood has degrees from University of Western Australia, Australian National University and University of Pennsylvania. In 2017–2018, he will be an Endeavour Research Fellow and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, and a Copyright Agency Emerging Critic with the Sydney Review of Books.


Categories: Poetry History and Criticism, Australian Studies, Poetry

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