Imprint: Arcadia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588088
Released: March 2017

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Of Home Politics & World Trade

By Bill Barry

‘The world Bill Barry grew up in is not our world. The tight-knit inner-city Irish-Australian communities were impoverished but they were sustained by two faiths: the Catholic Church and the Australian Labor Party. The ALP Split was like a death in the family …’

Jeffry Babb, News Weekly

The son of William Peter (‘Bill’) Barry, the leader of the Democratic Labor Party in the Victorian Legislative Assembly after the Australian Labor Party broke in two in 1955, Bill Barry was at the very heart of the great ideological divide in Australian politics. This in itself makes for a fascinating personal story, which Bill tells with feeling and insight, and he adds a new dimension with his account of his wide experience as an Australian international Trade Commissioner.


Categories: Autobiography, Australian History, Business and Economics, Non-fiction

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