Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333091
Released: August 2015

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Architectures For Apprenticeship: Achieving Economic and Social Goals

Edited by Annette Foley, Philipp Gonon and Erica Smith

Apprenticeship is increasingly seen as a promising option for policy makers. An apprenticeship offers a chance for young people to find further education and a place in society and the workplace. In an increasing number of countries, apprenticeship is available to mature-aged workers, providing a chance for a career change or re-entry to the workforce.

Apprenticeship is, at its core, a learning concept through practice and solving problems in real life, supported by supplementary schooling and education. Thus it is more than simply providing people with affordances for learning in the workplace.

The sixth International Network on Innovative Apprenticeship (INAP) conference was held in Ballarat, Australia in 2015, bringing together eminent researchers from every continent. The most popular themes for papers at the conference were:

  • Governance and stakeholders;
  • Teaching and learning in apprenticeships;
  • Quality in apprenticeships; and
  • School to work transition and youth employment.

This book provides all the papers presented at the conference.


Categories: Education, Business and Economics

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