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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781925003239
Released: May 2014

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The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith

By John Poynter

L. L. Smith, medico, writer, publisher, politician, litigant, showman, speculator, collector, vigneron, farmer, breeder and rider of racehorses, guiding hand for thirty years of Melbourne's great exhibition complex...

The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith is a captivating biography of a mercurial man.

Two hardback volumes in slip-case.

'Advice gratis is never any good. I always charge a guinea.'
 - Dr Louis Lawrence Smith

'a product of his age ... doctor, politician, sportsman, newspaper proprietor, author, agitator ...'
 - Marcus Clarke


John Poynter is a Professional Fellow and former Ernest Scott Professor of History at the University of Melbourne. The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith completes, with Doubts and Certainties: The Life of Alexander Leeper (1997) and Mr Felton's Bequests (2003 and 2008), a trio of studies of figures prominent in Colonial Victoria's golden age.


The book was launched at the Royal Exhibition Centre on 26/04/2014. Photos of the event can be found here:


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