Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780977557233
Released: January 2005

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Giving Ground

By Libby Lester

Giving Ground: Media and Environmental Conflict in Tasmania expertly weaves together two major concerns of our time: the shifting roles and responsibilities of news media, and the choices and decisions we make about our environment.

Libby Lester, a journalist and media academic, forensically examines the Tasmanian case, as a world flashpoint where for decades clashes over the environment have been unrelenting, complex and hostile.


Tasmania's lakes, rivers and trees depend upon the interplay of connections, negotiations and actions that operate in and around news media. The island's physical landscape is continuously threatened. Giving Ground reveals how other landscapes — cultural, social, economic and political, which rely on knowledge exchange and public debate — require just as much care and conservation.

Dr Libby Lester teaches journalism, media and communications at the University of Tasmania.


Categories: Environmental Studies, Journalism

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