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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781921509407
Released: August 2010

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Episcopally Led and Synodically Governed: Anglicans in Victoria 1803–1997

By James Grant

Despite significant involvement in all aspects of community life from the first settlement of the Port Phillip District until now, the contributions of Victoria’s Anglicans  have gone largely unrecorded.  In this a wide-ranging account of Anglican life to 1997, James Grant repairs this omission. 

He spells out the work of laity, clergy and bishops in establishing parishes, Cathedrals, Schools and Colleges and caring agencies and in pioneering a system of representarive church government that was in step with the emerging democracy of Goldrush Victoria.  The impact of the Gold Rushes,  the Land Boom and Bank Crash, two World Wars, the Great Depression, post-War immigration and rural depopulation is  described.

Today’s Anglicans face the challenge of commending the Gospel in a very different multicultural and secular environment.  This account of their past endeavours should inspire them to make a positive response. 


Categories: Religion

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