Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd was established in 1991. 

It has two main imprints – ASP Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia general non-fiction & fiction including the Press On series. 

Australian Scholarly Publishing also has a national sales & distribution arm, Australian Book Marketing, which represents Australian Scholarly and overseas publishers to the book trade, special interest groups, schools and libraries.

If you wish to submit a proposal for a book, please call or email Nick Walker to discuss the proposal, or post a synopsis and sample chapters, or the entire manuscript of the work, to our postal address. Be sure to include your telephone number or email address and a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Amongst our new titles:

 Secret Seduction The Secret Seduction and the Enigma of Attraction
A beautiful and compelling story for those who want to lose themselves in a tale of love, lust and betrayal, as well as those who are interested in psychology
All the Beginnings

All the Beginnings: A Queer Autobiography of the Body
Unflinching in the examination of a life marked by trauma and joy, all the beginnings is ultimately a book about falling in love: with writing, children, mothers, and with the self

World's End World's End: British Military Outposts in the Ring Fence Around Australia
In 1829 Captain Fremantle formally laid Great Britain’s claim to all of New Holland outside the bounds of New South Wales by garrisoning a vast coastline through a number of military outposts
Alias Blind Larry Alias Blind Larry: The Mostly True Memoir of James Laurence, the Singing Convict
A convict story, an adventure story, a colonial story, a Jewish story, a theatrical story. A fascinating piece of history, untold until now. Through the narrative of Laurence’s life, it re-creates a whole period of history
Hector Hector
Hector Crawford - a name synonymous with Australian TV. This compelling story recounts how, as Crawford’s influence grew, the off screen politics employed by networks and rivals to diminish his company’s power became as exciting as any of his on screen dramas
Living Like a Kelly Living Like a Kelly
A journalist writing a story about Dan Kelly and Steve Hart of the Kelly Gang being alive and well in South Africa comes face-to-face with Kelly's mother




Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon & Henry Kendall by Michael Wilding 


ISBN: 9781925003802 · Format: Paperback · 39.95